Success with the Low Rider Seeds

Low RiderA great success has been reported by growers. Low Rider Seeds grow indoor and outdoor all over the world and are getting from seed to bud about 60 days.

The ease of growing and fast turnaround means that one has a continuous supply of fresh pot throughout the year. Low Rider Seeds do only need 2 months in order to grow.

The males started showing pre-flowers at day 17 and females were evident by 21 days from seed.

Average flowering time

Matures are flowering outdoors in about 60 days after sowing the seed, while they are flowering indoors in 40 to 45 days after a seedling stage of 15 to 20 days. Studies show that all these plants, in fact, showcase the so-called “auto-flowering” genotype.

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The characteristics of the low rider

LowryderLow Rider virtually does away with the vegetative growth stage: it passes almost immediately from the seedling level to the flowering period. What we know is that Low Rider has the shortest known life cycle and height in the marijuana species. Male plants can be identified as such, after about 17 to 20 days, while females show themselves a couple of days later. Plants will even flower under a continuous light regime.

Low Rider females usually grow not larger than 16”-20”. Around the 12”-16” is typical. Light intensity, pot size, and proper pH all play an important role in determining the size of the plants at maturity. The better the conditions, the greater the yield.

Yield and height are dependent on several factors. For example, plants kept in small peat cups on a windowsill may yield as little as 1 gram and grow larger than six inches, with no branching whatsoever, while a plant in a 4 gallon container under high intensity lighting and good cultivation methods, can change into a profusely branched, 2 foot wide 45 gram bud sample.


Buying the Low Rider Seeds

There are several reasons why many experienced growers choose to buy feminized Low Rider seeds. Secondly, the THC level of a male Low Rider Male are very low, so they won’t be used to smoke.
Furthermore, if a crop has a mix of men and women is necessary to identify and separate the male plants asap to ensure that they do not fertilize the female plants. Unfertilized female plants produce riper and bigger buds, while fertilized females produce smaller buds that are filled with marijuana seeds.
Good growth can still be done with ordinary seeds and mixed sex plants, but it can take much more effort, and yields can vary greatly.
Feminized Seeds of Low Rider produce only female plants. This saves the hassle of identifying and separating the male plants in a crop before they can fertilize the female plants. Most growers naturally have a limited amount of space, and a guaranteed all female crop to get the best of a smaller growing space.



The development of Low Rider Seeds

New and seasoned marijuana growers consider Low Rider marijuana as a new variety that can pave the way for expansion when it comes to the wide range of cannabis breeding possibilities. The development of Lowrider cannabis variety with an inconspicuous form in mind since it grows to a maximum of 15 inches. This species can also develop buds straight from the seeds in a period of 8 to 9 weeks apart from the low profile shape. Moreover, the Lowrider gets rid of the vegetative growth stage altogether. This is because this new cannabis variety goes from seedlings straight to the flowering stage. You should choose the Lowrider when it comes to outdoor marijuana cultivation, because it can easily be hidden by its small size. It can be planted in garden patches and patios with other plants, and windowsills among others.
Moreover, Lowrider marijuana plants are the fastest producer of strong buds including Lowrider cannabis strains when seeds are planted in the spring. It can be planted several times in each season as well.


Low Rider is ”The invisible marijuana”

Sometimes the Low Rider called ”The Invisible Marijuana” due to the low stature and ease of concealment when grown. Low Rider is also known as Lowryder, Ganja Dwarf or the preferred marijuana seeds of “guerrilla growers”.
A hardy hybrid of high-grade Mexican Ruderalis Indica and Sativa, Low Rider is an auto-flowering Marijuana strain.
Auto-flowing means its starts to grow buds throughout its entire vegetative growth and is not dependent on time of year or cycles of light and darkness.
Low Rider remains a bushy, compact plant but only grow to a maximum height of 50 cm. Ideal for hiding marijuana strain and the growth potential thieves out.
The buds start to develop around two weeks after germination. A full harvest can be made around eight weeks after germination.
Of course some small growers do pre-harvest ‘during its growth / flowering cycle.
Low Rider produces up to 200 grams per plant with strong indica-like smoking weed giving a relaxed, quiet rock body when smoked.
A simple strain to grow, Low Rider marijuana seeds are preferred by guerrilla grower seeds (plants of cannabis seeds outdoors in good locations and return in a few months to harvest).

Lowryder Lowryder


The Low Rider is The Most Recommended Marijuana Seed and Strain

The only auto-flowering cannabis seeds strain, will auto-flower without any change of light. No timer and no “night” is needed for the Low Rider feminized to create buds. These features make the Lowrider ultimate outdoor / indoor stealth plant. It will grow several crops outside throughout the year with no problems due to this marijuana strain unique growing pattern. Low Rider female cannabis stops flowering within eight weeks after germination. Low Rider Feminized is a small marijuana plant that grows around 50 cm. It will allow this plant to grow indoor and outdoor in small areas and is hidden amongst many higher plants. Two years of selectively breeding a powerful indica with a Mexican Ruderalis marijuana type has a stable marijuana strain that auto-flowers. Meaning Lowrider will finish regardless of the change in light cycle.
Lowrider Feminized is easy and highly recommended for first time marijuana growers to attempt!


The Low Rider is a Indoor and Outdoor strain

Once indoor, Low Rider completely eliminates the need to induce flowering by reduction of daylight hours. That’s correct, it eliminates the need for a timer period. It will always grow well and finish under 24 hours light from sprouting to harvest within eight weeks. You can achieve similar results with 18 or 12 hours of light per day, if you want to cool down your room. For example, 18 hours in a row until harvest is recommended. The point is, with Low Rider, there is no need for a change in light period to induce flowering or necessary to have separate vegetative and flowering rooms.

Once outdoor, Low Rider can easily be concealed because of its small size and early flowering, whether planted in fields, in terraces, on gardens or even on windowsills. When planted in the spring, will produce ripe bud earlier than any other available marijuana variety. It can be harvested, grown and planted several times per season. For example, in your own backyard. This is without drawing unnecessary attention, because Low Rider has its own rapid life cycle about 8 to 9 weeks. Low Rider can be planted until early August. It can be easily and successfully grown in the most unlikely locations as well, from Alaska and Canada’s Arctic. (Lowryder will flower and finish in the continuous light of Arctic summers) to the urban apartment balconies of this world!